chairmanimg As a Chairman and on behalf of the Board of Directors of Peoples Energy Ltd., I would Like to thank you for taking time to look at our website. Our company, Peoples Energy Ltd. (Previously, Peoples Hydro Co- Operative Ltd.) has been established with a vision of generating hydroelectricity in Nepal. Through the direct investment and participation of the common Nepalese people.

We heartily welcome all Nepalese residing in and outside the country to invest in our first endeavor. The development and operation of Khimti -2 Hydroelectric Project (48.8 MW) contribute to the economic growth of our Nation, become a partner for progress and beneficiary of the returns on investment.

Peoples Energy Ltd. enjoys a sustainable foundation for the long term organic due to the integrated nature of its business. However, there are future investment opportunities currently open to our group that are difficult to ignore.

I hope that as you read and have the opportunity to look at PEL team of professionals. You will find a different kind of professional hydroelectric and power developing company. Warren Buffet Once Said, it takes 20 years to build a reputation and only 15 minutes to destroy it and I agreed with his saying.

Krishna Acharya
- Executive Chairman