Khimti II Hydro-electric Project (48.8 MW) developing by Peoples Energy Limited is in the border of Ramechhap and Dolakha districts State No - 3 of Nepal. The headworks site is located near Rasnalu VDC of Ramechhap district and the powerhouse site is located at Simlep, Hawa VDC of Dolakha. Geographically, the project area is located in between latitudes 27 ̊33’07”-27 ̊35’13” and longitudes 86 ̊09’26”-86 ̊14’18”.The project is accessible from Kathmandu by 198km long road via Jiri or 145km long road via Khurkot-Manthali on BP highway.



Salient Feature


 Jiri Municipality, Tamakoshi and Gokulganga Rural Municipality, Ramechhap and Dolakha District

Type of Project

 RoR, 48.8 MW install capacity

Design Flow

 16.11 m3/s

Gross Head

 353.7 m


 Ogee weir type, Undersluice Gates and side intake orifice

Primary Gravel Trap

 20.5m (L) x 8.60m (B) x 9.30m (H), 2nos. Flushing Gates 1.5m x 1.73m

Secondary Gravel Trap

  28m (L) x 8m (B) x 8.30m (H), 2 nos. Flushing Gates 1m x 1.25m

Settling Basin

 Surface, 72m (L) x 19m (B) x 8m (H) with intermittent flushing system

Headrace Tunnel Length and Size

 Inverted D-type, 6293.12m (L), 3.8m finished diameter and 4.2m finished height

Surge Shaft

 Circular, 7m diameter

Pressure Shaft/ Penstock

 2.3m diameter, 1009.237m (L)


 Surface, 44.80m (L) x 22.62m (B) x 30.7m (H), 3 nos. Units


 Free Flow Box Culvert, 204m (L), Rectangular


 Pelton- Vertical axis, 3 units each 16.267 MW


 Synchronous 3 Phase, 3 Units


 Outdoor, 2 Units

Transmission Line

 132kV, approx. 2.0km, Loop-in-Loop-out connection